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Television is an important medium in the developing world - a "family hearth". While Internet access remains very limited and expensive (though rapidly growing), we have been successful in turning internet pages into television formats, and delivering this as programming.

There are many individuals and organisations with a media presence of sorts, who want to build their own channels to extend their reach, but don’t know how, or cannot afford to do so. We work with these groups to develop part-time, targeted, mini television channels that can live within another established channel, and on the internet. A micro-channel can be as short as 30 minutes of programming per week, or can grow to a full 24/7 channel.

We helps clients incubate and grow their television channel; content, programmes and formats. Clients are typically producers: churches, companies, celebrities, brands, events, media professionals, Non-governmental Organisations (“NGOs”), training departments, independent producers, online radio and TV channels, online news organisations, bloggers… anyone wanting to reach out to Africa, especially those who already have online channels on YouTube.