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Who we are

This business and its people was birthed in the developing world; we understand that world and believe that it is ready for business. Increasing mobile phone penetration rates; the growth of globalization; pressure on obstructive media laws; increased economic influence, and a general shift in power from central governments, means that previously marginalised communities are open to new forms of connectedness.

We are a cooperative - and as such, our organisation is open to membership to anyone who subscribes to our rules and constitution. Co-operative societies are run for the mutual benefit of their members, with any surplus usually being ploughed back into the organisation to provide better services and facilities. More specifically, we are an industrial and provident society (known as an IPS), and are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (known as FCA) under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965.

Here is our board:

Michael Mambo, Board Chairman and Production Director

Michael has a Diploma in Media, a BSc in Business Administration, and over six years of experience in video production and editing. He has produced video for many events within the UK  - business forums; beauty pageants (Miss Malaika UK, Motherland Zimbabwe, Face of Malawi etc); cultural events (Zimfest), and worked on numerous drama and documentary programmes. In the little time he has spare, he retains his passion for film-making and citizen journalism, and is finalising hi studies towards a law degree. His key deliverables are the technical aspects of production.

Crispen Sachikonye, Board Secretary and Executive Producer

Crispen studied Mechanical Engineering and was Chief Executive of Hash Three (Private) Limited, then a group of four advertising agencies with international affiliations he founded in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia. Through his strategic investment company Open Media Corporation, he continues to offer marketing advisory services to and through these businesses. His key deliverable is business development in response to tenders and opportunities.

Blandina Mutambirwa, Board Treasurer and Finance Director

Blandina, a Certified Accountant, brings over 15 years experience delivering operational leadership, business development, turnaround strategies and financial management and reporting. Within the last ten years, she has successfully managed significant projects and businesses delivering improved bottom line performance. She trained and worked for a couple of the Big 4 accounting firms, in Africa and the UK. Her talent for detailed thinking, coupled with her immense experience in Audit and public sector finance, makes her an invaluable member of our team especially in the areas of compliance and project planning. Her key deliverables are project plans and budgets.